This is the MusixxxWe Bring the Music wonderful website.

And it’s really more wonderful perfect than the last site’s.

Seriously, some minimal wonderful things are needed to make this music website perfect.

Searching for music videos, an easiest way to do it.

Just type your search Songs Name, Songs Album, Artists... and Bring the Music with Us:

And guess what, users:

It's all FREE, without registration, without emails, without advertising interruptions, without tracing, without cookies, just Music!

On the other hand, I can no longer bear to be constantly tracked on my research

and my musical selections by these behemoths who have distorted the spirit and the very essence of music: Share Songs for everyone everywhere with you.
You ever listen to a video with advertising? What a shitty experience.

I've always felt frustrated listening to or watching music videos on sites like Youtube or Dailymotion,

Because of their intrusive and constant advertisements that constantly interrupt my moment. So I developed a search engine for music videos, offering search results, for free.
I have been using it for some time now, and would like to share it with those who would like to discover it, the sharing of emotions....

Search engine videos clips

Certainly it is constantly evolving, but the current result is very satisfactory for me, it is compatible with all media.
And as you’ll never be perfect, let others improve your shit or do what the fuck they want to.

Yes, i did it myself alone

hello everyone, let me introduce myself: Eyal, I'm a music fan, developer . and from time to time I compose some sounds, but nothing extraordinary, it's just to relax and have fun, as a music lover ...♥️

“Don’t ignore stupid things or you will stay at the motherfucker level.” — Brad Hollande


Inspired by the geniuses behind and DR DRE.

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